Back to Basics 1 – 2 – 3

Back to the Basics
1) Battery Check 2) Fluid Flush 3) Oil Change

FREE Battery Check

Get your battery checked out. Summer temperatures can put your battery on its last charge and nothing is worse than the feeling of being stranded because your battery won’t start your vehicle. This month we’ll test your charge and make sure all that driveway time hasn’t taken the life out of your battery. If you need a new car battery, we have a great offer from NAPA on select batteries and you can help us give back to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

1 – 2 – 3 Fluid Flush

Your systems need love, especially after a hot, dry summer. Your primary vehicle systems like Brakes, Radiator and transmission become corroded and their fluids break down over time. The more flushes you need done the more you can save.

Why Do I Need a Fluid Flush?

  1. Transmission Flush
  2. Coolant Flush
  3. Brake Flush

Oil Change Service

Getting your oil changed on a regular basis, can help you keep your vehicle running smooth and stay on top of maintenance issues as you go. In New Mexico you may even need to change your oil more often. If you drive a lot, drive on dusty roads or live on a mountain road, you may need to service your vehicle more often. Most Standard Oil Changes need to occur every 3500 miles or about every 3 months and synthetic oils can go about 5000 miles or every 5-6 months. Again, more often if you have more extreme driving conditions. One of the best ways to stay ahead of your regular maintenance with Dearholt AutoCare is to join our Car Care Club.

Transmission Flush service

Transmission Service

Transmission Flush Service

A transmission service is designed to clean the complete inside surface of the transmission. Your transmission gets assaulted by sludge,  contaminating grime and varnish that get washed away along with your dirty old fluid. Transmission fluid and conditioner is then added to factory specified levels to protect your transmission into the future.

Why Would I Need This?

The average transmission holds approximately 12 QTS of fluid. A STANDARD fluid replacement service only replaces 40 to 50% of the transmission fluid. Without a flush the remaining fluid is trapped in the torque converter and remains untouched in a drain and replace scenario. You want a complete fluid change, so adding in the flush solves this problem.

  • reduces heat and wear caused by friction
  • allows smoother shifting
  • cleans dirty valves that might stick
  • helps conditions seals and gaskets