3 Automotive Filters

3 Filters To Know

Did you know? Your car has THREE filters. Oil, Air and Cabin. Yes, you really do need to change all of them. Not sure where to look? Have a professional technician at Dearholt AutoCare check your air filter and cabin filter with your next oil change for even bigger savings. During September and October, you can get a $20 Prepaid Visa Card if you purchase all 3 filters and have them installed. In addition, regular servicing helps your car perform better, last longer and get better fuel efficiency. Stop by Dearholt AutoCare today for all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs.

Cabin Filter, Oil Filter, Engine Air Filter

coolant flush

Coolant Flush Basics

Coolant Flush

You need to have your engine cooling system flushed occasionally to protect, de-scale and replace your coolant/anti-freeze. This is vital to maintaining quality engine cooling levels and protecting your vehicle from summer heat and winter cold. Over time and extreme temperature, your coolant begins to break down. It begins to leave deposits. If not maintained, the deposits can clog and restrict flow, may plug the radiator or heater core. An overheating event can destroy your engine, crack your head or block. These are expensive repairs that could be avoided with a simple preventative flush service.

  • Coolant is extracted.
  • Then your system is flushed with our proprietary solution to remove dirt, rust and build up.
  • Your system gets flushed of all the impurities and build up and fluids.
  • We replace with high quality coolant.