Happy Holidays from Dearholt AutoCare

December Manager’s Minute

Can you believe it’s December already? And, Brrrrrrr. It’s off to a chilly start. Remember to allow yourself some extra time to warm up your vehicle and make sure everything starts. It’s also a good idea to stay with your vehicle unless you have remote start and lock. APD says to be diligent, very often a morning car theft is the result of opportunity.
Three other items to be aware of in the cold are 1) Tire pressure – a low tire can be un-drivable after a cold drop. 2) Coolant system / Heater check 3) Battery Check – if you are noticing a lull in turn-over during ignition, you should have your battery checked. It may just need more charge. Short trips barely give the alternator time to recoup the power. And cold starts can leave you without enough amps to get going.
Stay tuned for our holiday hours and if you are planning on traveling this Christmas. Schedule your trip check early so that we can get you on the schedule.

Happy Holidays from our Family to Yours,

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October Manager's Minute

October Manager’s Minute

Balloons in the morning with a slight chill? It must be October already! That means there are auto care items that need to be attended to. Cool weather effects a couple of your vehicle’s critical systems:

  1.  Car Battery – The truth behind car batteries is, that our hot summer months are the culprit in battery damage. Extended heat exposure diminishes battery life. Cooler temperatures can then be the last straw for your tired battery and there isn’t enough charge left to start your car. Get your battery tested during your regular service routine to avoid surprises. If your battery is 4-5 years old, you should consider replacing it, depending on your use.
  2. Tire pressure – For every 10 degrees of outside temperature change, your tire pressure changes. As the weather changes, check and balance your tire pressure.
  3. Coolant – Make sure to have your coolant tested as we prepare for winter months. Fall is the perfect time to get a radiator flush and fill. This way your radiator is clean and your anti-freeze strong going into the winter months.

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Thank you for your business,
Jim and the Dearholt AutoCare Team

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April – Manager’s Minute

Hey Everybody,

Jim DearholtSpring is here and we are excited about it. I believe everyone knows me well enough to know that Easter is an important time of year to me. It marks the renewal of our spirit and the promise of our salvation. It’s a special time for us to reflect on the people in our lives, the things we have, and to care for those things. To be good stewards of the resources God gives us.

Of course, I’m a mechanic so that makes me think of taking care of vehicles. And taking care of your big investments, like cars and trucks is part of stewardship. Every year we see a job come through that could have been prevented with regular maintenance or an inspection. We just want to say to them, “if you would have gotten the oil changed, you would have know the oil was low and maybe that connecting-rod would not be on the outside of your engine block.” Earth Day is on the 22nd of April every year and it is about being good stewards of the planet. One of the number one ranked ways for reducing emissions and reducing fuel consumption, according to AAA, is regular maintenance and repair. 

We welcome to our staff Harley Chatman, as our new front desk Customer Service Representative. More great news, Cheryl Montoya has been promoted to Service Advisor. Come in and meet Harley and congratulate Cheryl on her new position. We have recently brought on Nate Martinez and an additional Technician. We are thrilled to have these new employees on board, and having Cheryl taking on a new role in the company.

And it’s National Car Care Month, so we are offering our Annual VIP Car Care Club for 25% Off. Ask Harley for the details of everything that’s included in your membership.

We hope you enjoy the spring and have a wonderful Easter. We want to thank you for being our customer and welcome you into the shop anytime.