Don't steal my cat (catalytic converter)

Why do they want my Cat?

Cat is short for Catalytic Converter

Not your Kitty Cat, your catalytic converterWith car theft on the rise, catalytic converter theft has become a major problem in Albuquerque. Catalytic converters are an essential part of a car’s exhaust system that helps reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency. However, thieves have been targeting them as an easy way to make money.

While it is still unclear what motivates these thefts, many experts believe it is because of the precious metals inside. The fact that thefts of catalytic converters remain relatively low-risk for the perpetrator also plays a role.

Unfortunately, this means that car owners in Albuquerque are often left with hefty repair costs. Replacing a stolen catalytic converter can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the vehicle and labor costs. This price can be even higher if there is additional damage caused by the theft or if additional parts need to be replaced as well.

To lower your chances of becoming a victim of catalytic converter theft, be sure to park your car in secure locations and consider investing in security measures such as motion sensors or cameras to deter potential thieves. If you do become a victim, report it immediately and check with the insurance company for support.

If your vehicle is left with hanging parts or is inoperable, get it towed to your mechanic before trying to operate.

Ignore Check Engine Light

Your Vehicle Is Trying to Talk to You

Your Vehicle Is Trying To Tell You Something.


Here’e a quick reference guide to some common vehicle warning indicators, manufacturer’s dashboard icons differ, your owner’s manual should always be consulted.

Your check engine light can be informational or critical.

  • Oil Pressure Warning. If this light stays lit it indicates loss of oil
  • Battery/Charging Alert. Indicates voltage level is below normal and the vehicle’s charging system isn’t functioning properly.
  • Check Engine Light. Indicates the engine computer has set a Diagnostic Trouble Code. Usually requires diagnosis with a professional tool.
  • Coolant Temperature Warning. Indicates temperature has exceeded normal limits.
  • Brake System. Indicates one of three possible conditions; parking brake is on, there is a problem with the braking system/brake fluid is low, or an ABS problem. If an ABS problem, professional diagnosis may be required.
  • PMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). Indicates the PMS has found a tire with low air pressure or a sensor with a dead battery or malfunction.
  • Oil Change Reminder. Indicates that oil life has expired. The oil life interval can be set based on mileage or a combination of readings taken by the vehicle’s Electronic Control Module (ECM).

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Yellow Light - Red Light Warnings