Manager's Minute

March Manager’s Minute

Cold Weather and Visibility

Hello, Dearholt AutoCare customers!

As we move into March, we may think that the worst of winter is behind us. However, cold weather can still wreak havoc on your vehicle’s battery. If you notice that your car is struggling to start, it may be time for a new battery. Our team at Dearholt AutoCare can help you choose the right battery for your vehicle and install it quickly.

In addition to battery troubles, visibility is also an important problem to consider during this time of year. With unpredictable weather patterns and still short daylight hours, it’s crucial to make sure that your headlights and wiper blades are in good condition. Did you know that the right NAPA Wiper Blades and NAPA Headlights can improve visibility on old lights by up to 80%? That’s a significant improvement that can make all the difference when driving in inclement weather.

At Dearholt AutoCare, we want to keep you safe on the road all year round. Come in today for a battery check or to upgrade your wiper blades and headlights. We’re here to serve!

Jim Dearholt Owner, Dearholt AutoCare