coolant flush

Coolant Flush Basics

Coolant Flush

You need to have your engine cooling system flushed occasionally to protect, de-scale and replace your coolant/anti-freeze. This is vital to maintaining quality engine cooling levels and protecting your vehicle from summer heat and winter cold. Over time and extreme temperature, your coolant begins to break down. It begins to leave deposits. If not maintained, the deposits can clog and restrict flow, may plug the radiator or heater core. An overheating event can destroy your engine, crack your head or block. These are expensive repairs that could be avoided with a simple preventative flush service.

  • Coolant is extracted.
  • Then your system is flushed with our proprietary solution to remove dirt, rust and build up.
  • Your system gets flushed of all the impurities and build up and fluids.
  • We replace with high quality coolant.

One Year On Signal Ave.

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While you shelter in place, we can save you 25% off services or repairs. We are offer touch free service and every vehicle we interact with gets a wipe down service. We are disinfecting your key’s, steering wheel, door handles, shifter and anything our technicians touch when it first comes in and again when the technician is done with it. Stay safe out there. Schedule now

Health Update – We’re Open

You still need automotive repairs and service. We are open and want our technicians to keep working. So, for a limited time we are offering 1) 25% OFF Most Repairs and Services 2) FREE pick-up and delivery service of your vehicle when you schedule ahead. 3) Shuttle Service if you drop your car off.
We are taking extreme precautions and are sanitizing and cleaning our facility hourly. No need to wait on your scheduled maintenance or a necessary repair.

NOTICE: We at Dearholt AutoCare take your health and safety seriously. We have been reviewing and implementing best practices for cleaning and sanitizing our facility. We are monitoring the CDC and New Mexico Health Department on steps we need to take to protect you, our customer. We are implementing recommendations and if you have a particular health concern, please contact us to see how we might be able help address your situation and take care of ​your car repair needs.

Orange Barrel Alert


Your suspension and steering are damaged by the demands of New Mexico roads. Let’s face it, we ask a lot out of our cars and trucks and our roads are not kind back. The last thing we are thinking about is our suspension and steering, but these systems can impact your ride, your tire wear and your safety. If you have been experiencing steering issues or felt excessive motion in your vehicle’s movements, schedule an inspection.