June Manager’s Minute

June Manager's Minute

June is here and summer is soon to follow. I know if you’re like me, you already have your travel plans laid out for the summer. But, that’s just the beginning, the rest is preparation. Like taking your car in for a trip check. Before hitting the road, I always like to do a full vehicle inspection. And even though I’m a mechanic and I know what’s under my hood and don’t expect surprises, I still check my oil when I fill up. Especially if I’m pulling trailer. We’re here to do the first part for you. Schedule your oil change and trip check before your go. And, don’t forget to check the oil while you go.

June means Father’s Day. Sure, Dad usually takes care of the car stuff, but why don’t you take it off his plate this month? Get his car serviced for him. An oil change or fluid service or a membership to our Car Care Club, any of these can make a great gift. Ask at the desk and we can set you up with a Gift Certificate. Happy Father’s Day and Welcome Summer! We thank you for being our customer.

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