3 AutoCare Back To School Basics

Back to school autocare

School is back in session and that means it’s time to get up to date on some of your transportation basics. Moving the kids back and forth to school and their activities, or your teenagers transportation, safety is always a primary concern.


  1. Car Battery – No one likes the feeling of heading out the door and then suddenly realizing your car won’t start. A battery check is simple and easy. Summer heat does a lot of damage to every car battery on the road. The life of a battery is only 3-5 years depending on weather and driving conditions. A battery check can reduce your surprises.
  2. Brake Inspection – Brakes are your frontline defense for safe driving.  With a brake inspection you can learn a) the condition of your brake fluid b) how much life is left on your pads c) how soon your rotors may need to be replaced or machined. Of course, if you are experiencing braking issues like soft/un-responsive brakes, reduced stopping power, noises while braking or choppy, stop-and-go brake response, you should schedule a repair immediately.
  3. AC Service – Summer temperatures are going to be with us for a while longer. It is a good idea to have your AC serviced every year to make sure your freon is at the right level and everything is functioning properly. Keep your cool with an AC service.

Dearholt AutoCare is your back-back-to-school operations center. Keep your vehicle performance at the top of its class with routine maintenance and care.

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